Homeschool vs. Autism School

For years I have struggled with this decision except in the past the competing school was public/private not a special Autism school. One would think the decision easy, child has autism. . .child goes to autism school. Since she began going to the autism school 7 months ago, her behavior has become worse and she has begun pulling all the hairs out of her body. We have recently learned that this has a name. Trichotillomania. It has frightened me, grossed me out and worried me none stop for months. I believe I have a permanent frown in my brow now. I have done some research on the subject and have recovered from those emotions mostly and am beginning to help her not do it as best we can without making her feel bad about it.

It should be clear that this particular special autism school is not the right one. So, now what? I have a set of 2 yr old twins at home and a grandmother that has no patience for them. It puts me in quite a predicament. I, also had recently begun fulfilling my own need to be successful through painting, drawing and crafting. Of course, these things fulfill more than that “monetary” need. Success is defined in so many ways. It fulfills my sensory needs, emotional and spiritual needs in so many ways. These activities will have to be put on hold indefinitely as I am no super mom. I read other’s blogs where they are crafting, parenting wee ones all day and blogging about it. WTH! I don’t know how they do it.

I have been placing phone calls nonstop for 2 weeks trying to find anyone or anything that can help lighten my load with the task at hand. So far, progress is slow. Mostly due to needing to fill out paperwork to apply for financial assistance for the programs I can enter her in. Which has been our barrier for well over a year now. Finances. Money. No money. Frustration.

Today we choose to keep her home on the basis she do exactly what I want with no meltdowns, etc. So far it has been a success! She has watched 30 minutes of the history channel and wrote a 4 paragraph paper on Tsunami’s. Drew a picture using the paint program on our computer. It was supposed to be a pic to go with the paper but she veered a little off course. It turned out to be a pic of her on a tightrope above a pool of dolphins with a stadium full of people watching. I guess in some way that is her version of a Tsunami.


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