I have 4 children, one of them has autism spectrum disorder, ASD. We are starting over here on this blog, in life and with autism. It’s the only good idea I’ve got. We’ve tried everything else. Has anyone else ever thought of this? We do not know. Will it work? We do not know, but what can it hurt. We’ve already lost her to autism anyway. We have watched her become more autistic every moment of everyday her whole entire life. The last couple of years have been at warp speed with this confusing process. All the time thinking, “This isn’t a progressive disease. Why is she getting worse?” I look back and wonder if somehow we did something to trip the trigger on her autism gene. So, in hope I believe that if I had had the experience and knowledge I have now back then things would we be progressing quite differently. I have single-handedly  decided to start over with autism. We will return to the day it all began, find the gaps and fill them in. What do I mean? I will attempt to explain exactly that on this blog. I live in hope that I will find my daughter once again somewhere inside herself. Lost. I will draw here out and teach her how to live. Am I trying to “cure” or “heal” autism? No. I am trying to regulate her brain and in doing so the happy, delightful, harmless child she was will blossom once again. This is how I came up with the name Autism Redo.


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