Sick Exemption

I interrupt this regular program to bring you a special announcement, actually more of a statement. Parents should be exempt from sickness, especially parents of special need children. Not to say we are better than parents of nuerotypical children or more worthy. We may not even be less stressed but since I have no idea because I have never been just a parent of a nuerotypical child, I say this in selfishness to my situation. I hope not to offend anyone, just to simply vent.

I received bad news this week, and now I wait to see if the bad news is going to turn worse than bad news or just remain the same. I had to go to a gyn specialist because my regular dr had some concerns. He said as long as I come back cancer free in my “underworld”, then he can fix everything else. He said the good news is that he is a minimally invasive surgical specialist.Um, okay. Well, glad to hear it, I think.

So, what is the bad news I received? I apparently became too greedy when it came to wanting children. I had more than my body could carry. Some of my major organs are now falling out of me in a very literal sense. The ones I don’t need will be removed and the ones I do need will be repaired. The specialist did say he could fix me, that is good news. I sincerely pray that God has given me all that I can handle because I can deal with this, even though it is “serious”. As all mother’s do, I hope my children are not meant to be motherless.

*I am not a professional writer. Most likely there are and will continue to be mistakes in my work. I apologize. I am forever trying to improve and educate myself. Thank you for reading my work. I crave social interaction, please comment! I would love to hear from you and will always reply personally and individually to everyone.


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